The Essence of Empathy

Our cultural sensitivity orients us to the distinctions that may influence the African American, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities’ grief processes: racism, healthcare systems, culture, socio-economic factors, and religious experiences. In this sense, meaning-making is filtered through the lens of our experiences, resulting in feelings that are not as prevalent in Euro-American narratives. Because of the systemic oppression, daily experiences of loss may give rise to cultural rituals, languages, feelings of inadequacies, anger, helplessness, and moral indignation that may lead to unhealthy narratives.

Empathy Essence aids those who have experienced loss of any kind. The Empathy Project realizes how much more difficult these times would have been without trained, compassionate and loving people who have shared similar journeys and language with us. During this four-hour workshop, Empathy Essence is privileged to partner with you on your journey, providing tools for sustaining life-giving, healthy narratives as your own self-agent. We’ve lived it and it’s our mission that no one is alone on their journey toward a life of joyful resilience.

All proceeds of the Empathy Project will go to victims of domestic violence.